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Iridis can provide the Registrar's (hosting ISP's) tag for domains Domain Name Registration

Registering a domain is different to registering a CO.UK domain as the process requires a manual application to be submitted to Nominet. 

Eligibility requirements for domains

Schools in the UK are eligible to register a domain of their choice.

Naming conventions for

When registering a domain it must follow the required format.

Transferring a domain domains must be assigned to a registrar’s tag. The tag is an identifier assigned to Nominet members that allow them to manage domain registration. Iridis has been a member of Nominet since 2001 and is an Accredited Registrar, meaning we hold the highest level which means you can be assured we operate to the highest standards.

Registration & Renewal cost for a domain

The registration cost for a domain name is £3.90 (exc.vat), which paid directly to Nominet following submission of an application. There are currently no renewal fees charged by Nominet.

Registering a domain is quick and easy following the Nominet guide but before you submit your application be sure to remember to include our tag (IRIDIS). After submitting the application submit a free domain transfer order by contacting our team.

Require Assistance?

If you have any questions please not hesitate to contact our friendly Sales Team. We will be happy to answer any questions about our domain registration services without obligation or pressure.


Expert Support

No scripts, no inexperienced staff, just friendly and dependable UK based support via email. 

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